New York State of Mind

I wondered why we could not separate, and I wondered why we could not break apart. It could be our disposition, or it could be our inability to purge one another, but It was as if we had dug our own graves yet we were too afraid to be buried alone.

Salt Water Taffy & Appreciation Of The Mundane

Salt Water Taffy showcases the direction that I have been wanting to take RW for quite some time, lyrical and imbalanced. I hope that it stirs up the same emotions it brought me while writing. Feel free to like, or share.

They had corn. Toronto Urban Roots Festival.

TURF. Toronto Urban Roots Festival. I have spent the last two days at such an amazing festival surrounded by brilliant artists. This weekend I stepped away from my Netflix and took Radiant Wording to Fort York Historic Commons for the festival. I was lucky enough to be given media accreditation for Radiant Wording, and a…