DIGITAL DIARY: Technological Dependency.

Technology is used within our modern world as means to cope with our every day lives. Within my Digital Production course I learned that no matter what happens within ones own life, our digital history will trail us. From birth we are coded and databased into a variety of folders that categorize our lives. As we grow old, these folders are constantly growing. From Facebook to Twitter, and even Instagram, we are tracked and indexed based on our likes and dislikes by different organizations and companies in order to track our interests. As I took the time analyze my own digital footprint, I came to the conclusion that I am way to reliant on technology. Frankly it is quite saddening to know that within an hour I checked my phone a total of 10 times. It is quite eye opening to witness ones own technological usage on a piece of paper in front of you. Check out my Digital Diary.


In all honesty, this does not come as a surprise to me. I am constantly using the Internet and am highly active on various social media platforms. Our society is very dependent on technology, for it is being incorporated into our every day lives. For example within the next ten years I can guarantee that almost every street in Toronto will have free public wifi. As the world of technology grows, we as humans must adapt as well. If you think back to twenty years ago, no one would imagine classrooms using electronic white boards as means to aid in education.

Within this weeks lecture, we learned about the topic of infographics. I have never been fully aware of infographics, for I never took into account the effort placed into educating the public on certain topics. In order to create a good infograph, the information must be presented in a visually appealing manner. Below are two examples of effective infographs.



What I love about these infographs is the visually aspect of the images. Both graphs are presented in a way that appeals to the general audience yet present the information in a clean and ordered manner

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