The Hidden Identities.

Technology is used within our modern world as means to cope with our every day lives. Originally used as a tool to aid us within our daily endeavours but as years have past, society as a whole has grown into a technological based entity. Within my Digital Production course I learned that no matter where we (as individuals within society) move within life, our digital history would trail us. From birth we are coded and databased into a variety of folders that categorize our lives. These folders are constantly accessed and added to as we grow old and as we merge ourselves onto other technological platforms. From Facebook to Twitter, and even Instagram, we are tracked and indexed based on our likes and dislikes by different organizations and companies.

As children, we establish our own digital identities as we enter into the world of social media platforms. I personally feel that ones own digital identity should be an accurate representation of who they are in “outer life”. For example, if you are a forty five year old man from the Netherlands, you should not establish an online identity as a 20-year-old supermodel named Brittany. Your online presence will follow you throughout your life; therefore you should make your image something you will be proud of.

As I took the time analyze my own digital footprint, I came to the conclusion that I am way to reliant on technology. Frankly it is quite saddening to know that within an hour I checked my phone a total of 15 times. I am constantly active on all social media platforms. Being a blogger, I find the need to index the web and stay on top of news updates in order to create inspiration to write. If we were back in the year 1980 people would find it preposterous to know that I spend most of my time sitting hunched over at my laptop, in order to keep updated on news individuals read the news and listened to the radio. Everything these days is much more at our fingertips, for it is easier to access all sorts of information.

All in all, technology could be a hindrance, but when used correctly it can aid us within everyday tasks and improve our day-to-day activities.

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