Best New Scents 2017

I am a lover of a journey, a firm believer in creating memories met with all-encompassing stories. When taking the plunge and moving forth on a new journey, I find myself seeking two things, a killer Spotify playlist meant to amplify the momentum, and a new scent to build the atmosphere.

This is when I connected with Libertine Fragrance.
The brilliance of Libertine Fragrance is in the opposition of scent – Pairing conflicting elements into one scent that forms this strange yet mysterious, systemic unison.

I have never been one to succumb to societal and gender normative. In my opinion, articles of clothing or product should not be gender-tailored. In truth, I have the utmost respect for Libertine Fragrance based on their resistance to gender stereotyping and escape from classic advertisement. Libertine allows the fragrance to speak for itself. With such brilliant aromatic materials and beautiful intent, these fragrances are built to stand alone from habitual brands.

I was sent two roll-on perfumes: Witch Doctor and Sex & Jasmine. The elements found in each of the perfumes coincided with a sinister alchemy, a ritualistic element formed into a modern routine. The company prides themselves in stepping outside of pre-established normative and restoring the traditions of perfumed scent.


From Witch Doctor, I noted the bitterness of the herbs matched with a rough exterior. Reminiscent of a cold wood after a swift rain, Witch Doctor blended seamlessly with my skin and provided an unwavering wear.

Beaten sexuality coupled with a raw animalic scent, Sex & Jasmine combines warm sandalwood with Egyptian geranium for an erotic take on nurturing simplicity.

IMG_4833What attracted me to Libertine Fragrance was not just the story, nor was it the owners killer beard, but the pleasure achieved by reading the product descriptions. Written in such an eloquent manner, the product descriptions take the reader on a journey with the merchandise. Witch Doctor was not labeled as simply a blend of wormwood and patchouli, but a blend of “Bitter herbs, dark woods, smoldering amber and smoky tanned leather create this deep and resinous scent.” The description continued, “Archaic tools find their place in modern hands. That hidden river of ancient power reveals itself, flowing still between us all. The fingertips gently grace those balms, those resins, those pungent herbs. Wrapping this history in rough leather it is yours to keep, to carry, to possess.” Libertine Fragrance does not create a product for ease of wear, Libertine Fragrance creates a product meant for an encompassing lifestyle.

The 10ml roll-ons are made with Coconut oil and natural fragrance, which makes the product perfect for both body and hair. The sensuality of the scent masked with the eloquence of the product makes Libertine Fragrance a must have for my collection.


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