Perils of the iPhone.

One of my biggest annoyances is the reliance that we all have on technology. It has been a good 14 hours since I lost my phone, and I am in living hell.

It is not until you do not have the electronic so easily acceptable that you begin to realize your dependence on them. Technological dependency is a saddening factor for it shows us how useless we are without the aid of electronics. Think about the use of calculators: calculators used to be nothing more than ones own brain, yet now they are little electronic boxes containing mathematical wizards.

I can bag on electronics all I want, but that does not change the fact that I am beyond addicted to them. My one massive pet peeve about electronics is using them while you are in the company of someone else, it just makes the current situation much less important for there must be something far more interesting on one of the apps.

My moral today is to take a break from the LED screens and actually live your life for once tech free…

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