I would get dropped in a trust fall.

Trust is a concept that is rather hard to grasp. I personally would like to think that I am trusted by many people, but in hindsight I will never know if I am not.

I find that as people we tend to create barriers around ourselves, yet we wonder why no one understands. This is the same with trust, you must give your trust into someone before they can place trust upon you. I find that it is not fair to trust others when the feelings aren’t reciprocated. How is it fair that you can tell people your most intimate secrets, yet not have the trust reciprocated back unto you.

 I am a very trusting person and I tend to place trust onto people well before they trust me. This is not only rather upsetting, but also hurts to know that someone you have shared almost everything with, may not have the same trusting feelings towards you.

 Maybe we shut people out from the fear of getting hurt, or to protect ourselves from something…but either way, not sharing trust makes it difficult for both parties.

 I would love to say that all your efforts of finding trust in someone might pay off, but in all honesty I am not too sure. Life works in different and mysterious ways, but you must remember not to give trust to easily. The more trusting you are, the higher the likelihood of you getting hurt. 

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