You can’t kill me when I’m already dead.

I was at a standstill, unable to differentiate my happiness between dread and my feelings of euphoria for melancholy. My sense of stability had been compromised and the underlying fabric of my reality began to expose years of pulls and tears.

The Parisian

What would happen If I let the wind guide me and I fell deep into the waters? An elderly man was walking along the pier, gazing out into the water. Surely he would save me. I pictured the water piercing my skin, the ice cold current digging thousands of tiny blades in my body.

A Commuters Past

The fact was this: people don’t change, they become stealthier at hiding their true selves. A cloak of decadent and distracting colors if you will.

Anesthesia & Arbitrary Apparations

I woke to the sound of mechanical beeping. Lights flashed around me as I opened my eyes. Slowly coming into focus, I noted the beige wall and glanced upwards toward the ceiling. I was laying in a hospital bed.

The Moon Man.

I often think about the man on the moon. Who is he? What did he do? Where does he go to get his coffee? The unanswered questions radiate through my mind penetrating every solitary crevice of my sanity.

Tabula Rasa & Rambling.

Throughout our lives, it always seems like we are being continuously watched. We are watched by parents when we are children, we Re watched over by superiors at work, and we are continuously surveillanced as customers in a store. There is never really a time where we are fully independent. I understand the sense of…

3 words, 6 letters.

Sitting in a packed cafeteria, I sip my Venti Americano and begin working diligently on the stacks of work in front of me. Lately there has been something that has been sticking with me and really bothering the hell out of my mind. Looking around, I see dozens of couples holding hands, or looking lovingly…

Unaccompanied labels.

When walking down the aisles of a bakery, you pass by stacks upon stacks of loaves: Multigrain, whole wheat, and white. The one common thing about these loaves, is the day labels. These multi-coloured pieces of plastic that get stuck under the microwave serve a purpose: They are used to tell the consumer what day…

Winner and a Douchebag.

With candlelight illuminating the night, whispers linger throughout the foreground. With the window jarred open, a chilly breeze seeps in through the window. As the air circulates around me, it makes this summertime sweater weather feel like a cool crisp autumn day. If you came across seeing me at the moment, you will find me…

Gatsby-fying the way you think.

Standing in a line filled with dozens of people, I wait impatiently at ministry ontario waiting to have my health card photo retaken. Why is the line being help up for over an hour now? ask the person who has been arguing over his photo for 20 minutes. Thank you canada for free health care,…