Tabula Rasa & Rambling.

Throughout our lives, it always seems like we are being continuously watched. We are watched by parents when we are children, we Re watched over by superiors at work, and we are continuously surveillanced as customers in a store. There is never really a time where we are fully independent. I understand the sense of independence obtained from living on your own, but with that said, there is still someone who is governing you in some way. Many people think that their life is made out by the stars, yet I tend to look at things a tad differently. I look at life as an unwritten blank slate, Tabula Rasa as John Locke would call it. As we continue on through life, we add to this blank slate, filling in the lines as we go. Every person on this planet will have a different view point on this, people can place their view in a higher power, or people can follow their own beliefs.
From what I have gone through mentally and physically over the last year, I now believe that everything is gained through experience. You are not inherently born with a vast knowledge of the world, for you learn as you go. Think about it, did you KNOW that your ex would have been your ex and that it would not have worked out at the beginning? Hell no. That would have saved you a hell lot of a time, and a hell lot of heart ache. You learned as you went through the relationship, and figured out your interests as it progressed. That is when you continued on and went to another person.

We are always learning… We never actually stop. In sex, we all go into it for the first time timid… Er horny… But scared and inexperienced none the less. For a young man, the closest thing he has come to this intimacy is his hand… He clearly has much to learn. The more times you have sex, the more you learn and the better you get.
Now that I think about it, I totally could have used another example other than sex…. Riding a bike? Yeah, that works.

As we grow older, we continue to learn more about ourselves, and what we like. Who knows, maybe in ten years I will be into leather and chains, that whole bit… Maybe. The more I think about it, the more I know that my opinion on that might not change..

My misled sexual ideas aside, we will never stop growing until we are dead. Many adults are stuck in their ways and will not even try to learn something new and to venture out of their comfort zone. Think about it, how many people over a certain age demographic are still hating on gays and people of other races. Their excuses remain the same: “I can’t help what I think, that is how I was brought up in my time”.
That may have been how someone was brought up, but that does not mean that there is no room for adaptation. I mean, if we hadn’t adapted from the 90’s, we would all still be wearing parachute pants looking disheveled as ever.

Life is changing, and you should to. Never let the presumption of your age define your ability to learn and grow,
for everything in life is a narrative written from an omniscient narrator.

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