Cigarette Shadows

We embrace the world with black tar lungs, and pretend we don’t know any better. If it were not for mistakes, for death, and for heartbreak, who would we be? I don’t know.

4G and a Trusting Heart.

The biggest flaw with modern dating is the desire to sell yourself short. Dating in itself is an exhausting and tedious task, one which we all endure until we find a “forever” – or an “until further notice”. The problem with dating is that a sense of incredible judgement is placed on your decision to either a) continue dating the person, or b) decide to never see said person again. We dream about our aspirations and begin planning for the future with self-proclaimed confidence and a blinded understanding.

A Young Writer Brewing His Own Career – By Bee Almariego

It takes a lot of caffeine to fuel Kyle Mack. Maybe three or four coffees throughout his day to say the minimum. He smiles but in all seriousness it’s a must in his daily repertoire. This bright-eyed 20-year old is as bold as the title of this story, exactly who you’d want to encounter when meeting today’s youth. I only wish I was as driven and confident as him at that age 5 years ago.

More Than an Ending

Closing a chapter and drawing a line through each word, we have come to the final sentence.
Drawn out and exposed, the canvas is stained with the past and discoloured with the search for a future.
I find myself staring blankly into the dark, feeling my jaw unclench and my facial muscles begin to relax.
The sound of the television buzzes in the background as the only light illuminating the darkened room is that of my laptop. The LED light casts a harsh shadow across my face.

My Personal Mirkwood: Dealing with first encounters.

Sitting on the mezzanine of a local coffee shop, I look down at the coffee lovers below. With aged white brick all around me, and industrial piping covering the ceiling, I take note of the aged décor and the smell of coffee beans. From the center of the coffee shop hangs a large, aged chandelier…

Hamlet, Him, Americano and an empty bed.

December 7th. Christmas is almost here. Due to my impending exams, I decided to make the trip to Narnia and stay with my mum. Too much distraction in Toronto. As I lay on the couch pretending to study, I watch two of my favourite films: “The Holiday” and “Four Weddings and a Funeral”. Procrastination at…

Violentines Day or Valentines day?

Toronto’s first big snowfall. Large  snow flakes fall onto my plaid jacket, and the cold seeps through my doc martens. You know it is winter when the roads are fully backed up, and when all the driers forget how to drive in a snowfall. Canadian winters. I spent my evening judging a talent competition. Was…

On The Bar.

Patient anticipation and the waiting for the unknown is truly the only things in life that can be seen as scary. I cannot fathom anything else being true fear. What we are all scared of is the fear of what we do not know. Say life is pulling an American horror story and we were…

2 coffees and afflicted prostitutes.

Sitting in a crowded lecture watching the click tick down the hour. One hour almost done, another to go. Usually during these long lectures I do the usual, I raid social media, or I doodle all over my arm. Currently listening to the limitations of the Civil Rights movement, I sit in my Sex class…


Boundaries are fences that hold us back as individuals. We all create boundaries, for without them there would be no sense of ownership or privacy. What happens if we break a boundary, or how do we actually know if we are overstepping and on the shaky path to crossing the border line between safety. I…

If I won a contest, is it still bad luck?

Good news comes in small bursts. For instance: I woke up to winning seasons 1-3 of American Horror Story on DVD. Good news most of the time is also followed by some seemingly bad news. For instance: I woke up this morning to my ceiling leaking and my floor flooded. In a deep sleep I…