A Young Writer Brewing His Own Career – By Bee Almariego

Over the years, I have worked with and became friends with many wonderful people. Meeting Bee Almariego, I knew that we would immediately get along. With her laid back attitude and desire to learn, Bee is an inspiration to those breaking into the business industry, and most importantly to me.  Profiling me for an article, this was the first time in a while where I was taken back by emotion and truly and undeniably happy. Today I share with you all Bee’s article, enjoy.

A Young Writer Brewing His Own Career
Written By: Bernadine/Bee Almariego
It takes a lot of caffeine to fuel Kyle Mack. Maybe three or four coffees throughout his day to say the minimum. He smiles but in all seriousness it’s a must in his daily repertoire. This bright-eyed 20-year old is as bold as the title of this story, exactly who you’d want to encounter when meeting today’s youth. I only wish I was as driven and confident as him at that age 5 years ago.

“First and foremost, I’m a writer” Kyle said with his self-assured tone as he humbly begins to share his journey. He started his blog: radiantwording.com(RW) in 2013, what he calls his family-home where it all began, just a year after graduating with a Theatre degree at Iona in Mississauga. “I enjoy my work, I enjoy writing, and theatre is something I’ll always love. Art generally, will drive all my passion”.
He is certainly unbound by no limitations of just one specific craft. He collects job opportunities because he’s capable of many operations. He’s worked for City TV, is a stylist at Gotstyle, and is a member of a board of marketing advisors for a brand called Daniel Thompson Beauty.

Kyle gained recognition for his work with RW overtime and also became an independent writer doing contract work for several Toronto and Montreal networks. He currently writes for Tranqool and has been a brand ambassador since early 2016, and most recently became a writer for Titika’s blog. He’s written content as a guest writer on freshlyeducatedmen.com, Sharp magazine, and Gotstyle mag just to name a few.
“I own all my own content. It gives me creative liberties. I’m not bound by regulations, and I maintain my own voice. When I write pieces for Sharp, Gotstyle or Freshlyeducatedmen, I have creative control over what I write, and I can maintain consistency. When I write for company content blogs such as Titika, I am writing more for the voice of the brand”.

He presents his pieces in a streamlined manner, to be understood by a diverse audience. His style is very distinct; you can hear his voice in your head while you read. If you’ve watched him long enough like me, you can almost sense his hand gestures as he expresses his thoughts.

Kyle is undoubtedly Toronto bred. It’s in the way he wears his oversized double-breasted coat while his trousers sit a couple of inches rolled above his ankles in his Chelsea boots, He’s originally from Mississauga, and moved to downtown Toronto 5 years ago. His mom is a professor in high school teaching Kinesiology. She’s written for a Kinesiology textbook, and other publications. She also used to be an athlete for Canada’s world team, and worked for Pan Am last summer. She herself is a complex woman, diversifying her accomplishments, unbound by just one talent.
For Kyle, learning and knowledge is his true secret weapon. He’s currently in his 4th year at Ryerson, with his major in Media Production and minor in Law.
Naturally my question for him was, what makes him passionate about law? His honest answer, “I’ve been ****ed over by contracts working on writing pieces numerous times. I figured, instead of wasting time and money hiring a paralegal/lawyer, I’d rather learn about these matters myself. I’m intrigued by the concepts, the law system, and TV shows”.

Kyle brings the inspiration to life while in conversation. Whether it’s coming from the last few drops of his coffee or his natural demeanor, he isn’t short of motivational advice.
“The industry comes with challenges. With writing, the voice that you create must be unique, subject to growth, and allows for transformation. The trouble is really finding your own voice, being able to stay true to who exactly you are and what you stand for, and still not changing just for the likes of others. The moment you feel you’ve perfected the craft of your pieces, being confident in the work that you produce, is what defines success in your writing”.


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