On The Bar.

Patient anticipation and the waiting for the unknown is truly the only things in life that can be seen as scary. I cannot fathom anything else being true fear. What we are all scared of is the fear of what we do not know. Say life is pulling an American horror story and we were kidnapped by a psychopathic clown, we might have an initial fright by the clowns appearance, but we are really scared of the unknown,.. Of what will happen to us.

A good friend of mine met this guy at an event we were at for Paramount pictures. From the start of the evening, Sam spotted this long shaggy haired God from across the room. This man was the type of guy that knew he was positively attractive, he just had that “I know
I’m hot” kind of look to him. Sam saw him and she knew she wanted that, she wanted that on the bar and right now.

He fell for her bait and took the fall hard. After a bit of back and forth she waited for his invitation. He ushered her down the stairs and against a wall where they began hooking up. First a hand, and then his mouth on her chest, that is when he decided to let it slip that he had a girlfriend. Boom. Mic drop.
“So you are telling me this as your lips are around my nipple?” Currently my favourite line of the evening.

Sam did not know what was next, we went to this event with open expectations unexpecting of what the evening would bring us… She definitely did not have this in mind.

Sometime it is the unknown that pushes us forward. The unknown aspects drag you open minded and blindly on. The next morning, Sam brought forward a very important question: “Do I text him?”
Answer: yes.
You answer, but you must pick the most opportune time to do so. With the goal of meeting him for coffee in mind, she was hoping that he would agree.
Sending a text before 10am equals needy. Sending a text after 9pm equals bootay call. Text at 1pm? Perfect. With this completely random time, the text will resonate with him in his mind for the day. Does it work? Yes. Do I know why? Hell no, I am just a specialist, not a scientist.

We are all scared to jump for the unknown, but sometimes it is those small leaps that end up being the most pivotal.

As I sit on the subway surrounded by strangers, I look around. We have people from all walks of life on here. While I sit beside Nat and Americano, I watch the people come and go throughout the stops. Strangers passing by, unknown faces that will fade away into the depths of our subconscious.

Make every moment count, and take every step to make things last. It is the small things in life that really matter. If you want to him now on the bar, then you let that happen. Don’t let anyone get in the way of what you truly want.

Now excuse me as I sit listening to Taylor swift on the subway headed to lawrence station. 40 minute subway ride… Still wondering how people do this every day.

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