Violentines Day or Valentines day?

Toronto’s first big snowfall. Large  snow flakes fall onto my plaid jacket, and the cold seeps through my doc martens. You know it is winter when the roads are fully backed up, and when all the driers forget how to drive in a snowfall. Canadian winters.

I spent my evening judging a talent competition. Was adequately picked to judge the talents of others? No. After one dreadful rendition of “sweet Child of Mine”, I gave up and began to let my mind wander.

Valentine’s Day 2015. Usually my Valentine’s Day consists of self loathing and my annual Violentines day party (Click the link to read my post on Violentines Day!, but seeing as how this year I am in a happy relationship, what will come of the holiday?

Americano has already booked off work for the 14th and 15th, and I could not be happier!.. The one problem is that I hate Valentine’s Day. There is a reason why I created Violentines Day, it acts as a saviour for couples in a world of corporate greed and hallmarkiisims forcing couples to perform public affection, and forcing singles to lay in their beds and cry.

The day gives hope to chocolate companies and puts them out of bankruptcy for yet one more year. This year do I celebrate it like any other couple, or do I continue with my everyday life and act as it is another day? I mean, it is the same deal as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. The days are just decisions of the corporate markets forcing you to buy drills for your father and clothing for your mother (that still pisses me off by the way. What if a mother wants a drill and the father wants clothing? Stereotypical marketing). Instead of appreciating your loved one every day (as you should), you now have one day to make up for being an asshole, and to shower your loved ones with adoration.

Last night Americano, Sam and I went to a local club. Not only did we spend the night dancing away our miseries, I spent the night on a pole. No…I am not a registered stripper, there was a pole so I hopped on that. Turns out, I have a new backup career if needed be.


I’m not saying that your loved ones do not treat you well throughout the year, I mean Americano is one of the nicest human beings I have met! I have never felt more appreciated and loved before. Does that mean I still have to get dressed up and go to a restaurant? I would have been content with a shot of gin and a bowl of ramen.

From what I realized, he loves the occasion. This means that I will try to as well. I’m not going to kill the happiness of someone else just because I don’t like a stupid occasion.

I mean…I owe it to the guy. He put up with me accidentally getting a nose bleed on him, me shoving a tampon up my nose to stop the blood, and then pulling it out to have a bloody snot rocket fly across the room and on to him. Super cute.

My only request is that there are no roses. Flowers die in like a week, just get me a bottle of wine… I will feel more fulfilled.

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