Violentines Day- Part: 2

With cynicism in the air, and hatred in our lungs, we began to paint the world black. Dressed in a colour as dark as out souls, we celebrated the new holiday that I like to call “Violentines day”. For those who have not yet read my post Violentines Day: Part 1, I must assure you that this day has absolutely nothing to do with violence of any sort, or the purge. Violentines Day is simply an anti valentines day party.

Fueled with a bottle of wine and a few shots of jäger, I Celebrated the night with 20 of my closest friends celebrated in my condo. As a whole, I feel that the evening went quite well. It was great to catch up with people I haven’t seen in a while, and just have fun. The one ironic thing about the evening was the fact that for a party celebrating the singles of the world, we had a lot of setting up going on.

For weeks, I have been in talks with setting Nat up with one of my good friends Peter. Seeing how perfect they would be together, I attempted to work my wingman magic and set them up! Before taking on this task, I failed to let Nat know one thing: I suck at setting people up. I tried to make the set up as conspicuous as possible to avoid Peter figuring out, but as it turns out he knew from the beginning. With both parties game, we let the night take it’s toll and let the alcohol and Violentines Day work their magic.

As I lay on my bed listening to the sound of Pinky snoring, I have began looking at the photos and reminiscing on the past night. For me, it was a great night. Unlike the event suggests, we were not crying in a corner talking about out feelings, or doing a Wiccan ritual over our exes… We were simply breaking the stereotypes and conventions associated with Valentines Day and just having fun.

Hands down, the best part of the evening was the fact that Brit came home early from his date and began interacting with the party goers. Throughout the party, Pinky was interacting with the guests in more of wallflower manner, While Brit on the other hand was having a ball smoking and drinking with the youth. I am quite sure that this will go down as the most random party to date.

Whether you celebrate Valentines Day or Violentines Day, the point is to have fun. Don’t let yourself build up Valentines Day to such a huge day, for in reality it is just another day on the calendar. Don’t worry about the overpriced flowers or chocolates, or dates, for you do not need a relationship to make the day spectacular.
Besides if you are really down in the single blues and need a pick-me-up, all chocolate goes on sale on the 15th… I’m just saying.

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