Hour too early.

Seated upon my couch with a bottle of wine and two pizzas residing within my belly, Wiens and I are spending the night watching Sex & The City. After a long day working at work, I hoped to come home and relinquish my problems. Seated with my sister watching my favourite movie, I felt as if nothing could break this feeling of bliss. It was not until I picked up my phone and began to scroll through my various forms of social media, that I found my emotions drastically changing after viewing one single post.

I like to take part in this activity where I torture myself by going through social media until I find a post that hurts me. The weird thing about pain is that we crave it…we go about our daily regime knowing that something negative could happen, yet we still push forward.The odd thing about sadness is that it can just as easily turn into such an immense feeling of nothingness that you feel hollow within your soul. Within my life currently, the one thing I really have going strong for me is my friends. I have gone through a lot of shit within the past few months, and knowing that I have a handful of people caring for me is an indescribable feeling. Coming this August I will be leaving my past behind me, and moving in with Witt and Nat. I think this move will do me good, for I will be living with two of the most important people in my life.

I live in a city full of dreams and ambitions. A city that houses a collection of unfulfilled lives waiting to be lived. I think we all need the time to come into terms within our own lives and figure out where we are supposed to be. All it takes is time…and I feel that I am finally at my time. I am ready to exchange my no-name baggage for designer and find something new. The moral is as simple as this:  If you are not happy with the life you are living, make sure to let it go and start fresh. There is no need to hold onto excess unnecessary baggage.

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