Hot mess with an emphasis on the mess.

Do you ever feel as if you have completely and positively lost your marbles?

For a good 18 minutes I was pacing back and forth in front of my condo whilst on the phone with Witt ranting about and over analyzing such minuscule details of my life.

I am stuck in a hallway full of closed doors. Row upon row of doors lining the walls, all similar in size and shape. What is beyond each door is fully unknown for until I find the keys…the answer of what is beyond the door is locked away and out of reach.

As the days pass and the minute hand of my life clock ticks away, my impending insanity is rapidly growing. My first inclination of losing my mind came this weekend when I took a keen liking to asking a pendulum questions, and taking the answers to heart…you read correctly, a pendulum. I am now trusting a rock to give me the answers to not only life, but my biggest concerns.

I am trusting a rock with my life.

I am completely sane.

 As I sit here and type away wearing nothing but an oversized T-shirt and boxer shorts, I am frazzled by the clutter that has taken control of my mind. Much like my outfit, I am a mess; for biggest thing troubling me at the moment is the fact that I have so many questions, but very little answers. My head is honestly all over the place searching the universe for some sort of sign.

Through my inherent need for answers, and my present lack of them I have stopped snooping, and am now resorting trusting a rock.



 The moral that I hope you take from this post is not that I am a hot mess, but that sometimes you may not actually need answers to life’s biggest question. You will always have questions about something, but sometimes the unknown and hidden answer might be for the best.

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