Wanderlusting Montreal

As we stepped off of the greyhound, we took in our surroundings… we were in Montreal. Montreal is a city within Quebec, in which was colonized by the French hundreds of years ago. Quebec is one of the only provinces in Canada in which speaks French as their first language. Being my first time going to Montreal, I was quite excited for the trip to come! I was rooming with Witt and “Him” and I was ready for an exciting three days of French-esque fun.

Now on day 3 of the trip, we have spent our Montreal nights bar hopping and downing cheap drinks. The city is honestly quite beautiful, for there is always something happening.

After a night out at the bar, Witt and I decided to walk back to our hotel to further see the city. We began to walk along the cobble stone roads and attempted to pinpoint our location based on at least one familiar landmark. Now as it turns out, none of the landmarks were familiar to Witt and I and we wandered for a good hour and a half before hopping into a taxi to take us home.

The one thing I must bring up about Montreal is the people. I do not know what is in the water, but everyone here is incredibly beautiful and has fantastic style! It is as if all the fashion moguls have come to Montreal for the sole purpose of styling all the citizens.

Like any trip, each night has been filled with good friends, stories, and a glutinous amount of drinks, but there is one lesson I will take with me from this trip. What I learned is that you cannot bring your problems with you on vacation. By attempting to distract yourself, and hide away your issues with alcohol and partying, the problems are just being masked.
InOrder to fully enjoy yourself, you must leave your problems at the check in desk, for without doing so you will be stuck within a saddened mind in a different place.

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