Empty bottles and a club full of gays.

Tired and still hungover from my four days of binge drinking in Montreal, I undressed and tucked myself into the bed of my Toronto condo and began to reminisce.

The trip was quite interesting and highly eventful for not only did I spend four amazing nights with some of my best friends, I also experienced many new things, and have many stories to tell in return. With Fond memories, empty bottles and a club full of gays, I experienced a trip to remember.

During this trip to Montreal, I experienced my first gay club. Stepping into my first gay club was definitely an interesting experience, with Witt and Him by my side I stepped head first into the land of the gay. Within the past, I have seen my fair share of other clubs and bars, yet nothing and I repeat NOTHING compares to a gay club. With my alcohol intake over compensating the amount of food or water in my body, I began to dance the night away. Dressed in a scantily clad mesh shirt and black spray ons, I let the music take my body and dived head first into the experience. Overcome with the experience, Witt and I made a quick decision and hopped up onto the large cylinder protruding from the floor and began to dance. Dripping with sweat and and exuding laughter, Witt and I released all inhibitions and had a great time.

I do not know what it was about this night, but I felt so liberated. Maybe it was the copious amounts of alcohol I consumed, but it is crazy to believe that one can be so zen at a place where your surrounded by hundreds of people casually making out. What was so great about this evening was not the club itself, but the people. It was emancipating to be surrounded by people who did not give one flying fuck about who they were or how they were acting. It is other worldly to enter a place where everyone leaves their inhibitions at the door, and just dances the night away for the sake of fun.

If the gays taught me anything, it is this: Always be yourself. There is no reason to dress yourself in a garnet of lies just to please others. If you are comfortable being different, then do it. Fuck your inhibitions and just have fun. Life is way too short to let yourself be governed by the sociological implications of others.

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