The Judas kiss – The touch of betrayal, the caress of a liar.

Tiny Furniture

I would hear his name resonate through my mind. Bouncing off every muscle, digging itself into each cerebral space.

Anesthesia & Arbitrary Apparations

I woke to the sound of mechanical beeping. Lights flashed around me as I opened my eyes. Slowly coming into focus, I noted the beige wall and glanced upwards toward the ceiling. I was laying in a hospital bed.

Pas de Deux, A Dance For Two.

We had found ourselves in a Pas de Deux, performing our steps side by side, unbothered by the tribulations around us. In another world, maybe we were just like these dancers. Two minds accompanied by two bodies, working together to make art. Met in an open wound, we stitched the protrusion closed.

A Story in Three Parts

A human oxymoron, fighting for what I believe in through a shielded gaze and a misconstrued ideology – The epitome of a millennial lifestyle.

What would Sun Tzu think of Gossip Girl?

The warm breeze of the creek cascades over the night. As Americano and I take a long walk down to the Old Mill, we stop to take in the crisp air that feeds our thirst for summer.  While walking late at night, one usually begins discussing current events…and by current events I am not referring…

Finding my inner Cara Delevigne.

Navigate salon, industrial revolutionized surroundings complete with the most talented hair designers in Toronto. I have always loved working with my hair…I have been blonde, brunette, red, white silver…this list goes on. When asked if I was willing to model for the salon, I jumped at the opportunity. As all of you probably know, I…

Clarity Is Found Beside YSL.

Surrounded by discount clothing, the one thing that cannot be discounted was how I felt. Left feeling confused by my summer F*&k it list, I resigned from two positions and went on my way to “happiness”. Was happiness really what I received? For the only thing that has been fully received was a major dent…

The Energy Conservation System: Project Me.

Face resting in my hands, I wiped the tears off of my face. Surrounded by a collection of paperwork, notebooks and technological devices, I fell into a breakdown. I had failed to take Kim Kardashian’ advice from Season 9 of Keeping up with the K’s, “I will cry later, but not with fresh makeup”.  I…

Facebook Friends or Faceless Avatars.

Snow falling on the cobble stone, I stand on the balcony looking out onto the city. Sipping on my morning coffee, I think of the future. Opening the Facebook app on my phone, I take a look at my 1,500 Facebook friends. Does this mean anything to me? are these people actually friends or are…

Typescript & Lindsay.

Sitting down at my typewriter, I begin to write. With every letter, the click of each key acts as a sense of tranquility. I will never have a complaint towards an apple laptop, but nothing will beat the primal and beautiful sounds of an aged typewriter. As I spend the week engaging in a new…