Clarity Is Found Beside YSL.


Surrounded by discount clothing, the one thing that cannot be discounted was how I felt. Left feeling confused by my summer F*&k it list, I resigned from two positions and went on my way to “happiness”. Was happiness really what I received? For the only thing that has been fully received was a major dent in my bank account. Putting down the YSL sweater, I walk out of the store with my head held low. 11196243_10155562323355002_606802467103920080_n

Left with unfulfilled tasks I have been left with nothing but doubt. Unfinished sentences and conversations that did not happen, I truly have been doubting this haste decision of mine.

I have taken to asking my trusty Taro deck for the answers to life’ biggest questions. Page of wands, five of cups, the lovers, and the empress. When asking a question, I remind myself of this… You can write the question, but you cannot write the response. Whether you are asking questions to a tarot deck or to a live person, the statement still rings true.

In retrospect, there are not many limitations on what questions you can and cannot ask. The limitations reside for the dozens of cultural nuances that prevent certain questions from being asked: I.e “Are you pregnant or just heavy?”. While you can elaborately decorate a question to appear less confrontational, you cannot decorate the answer to follow the same pattern.

Tibetan writer Sogyal Rinpoche states, “I sometimes think that doubt is an even greater block to human evolution that desire or attachment. (Living and Dying, View, meditation & Action).

As a writer, I can affirm that when writing we doubt 90% of what we say. While this 90% may act as a large percentage of uncertainty, how is that so? When most of our opinions are what is moulded from pre-defined fact, it seems ridiculous that we are to doubt what is already stated.

The best way to avoid doubt is by (doing what a professor of mine one said), “Know Stuff”.
If you are certain in what you are saying, than there can be no room for doubt or questioning.

As a questioning species, we must replace doubt with the innate grasp that whatever happens happens. As the spanish say: Que Sara Sara, as the French live: Cest la vie, and as Drake has highlighted: YOLO.

The biggest implication of doubt is seen in negative critiism, while criticism is highly important in mastering your craft, sometimes criticism can not be said in the best interest. Since they did not, they often destroy. When you know in your heart and mind that what you are doing is entirely you and right, then by no means must you take the criticsim of someone else. “Why did you go into media? Why didn’t you go into something more stable….like the funeral business?”.
This has all been heard before. Think about it, who knows you better than yourself? No one.

What I need to find in my life is not something tangible, for it is something only seen through experience. I need to find clarity. Clarity is the one piece of the puzzle that will enable you to see beyond the bullshit and the decorated extravagances and actually see what is hidden behind. Clarity replaces doubt in more ways than one. With clarity you no longer are left with indecision and mistakes, for all that you do can is see the truth.

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