Finding my inner Cara Delevigne.

Navigate salon, industrial revolutionized surroundings complete with the most talented hair designers in Toronto. I have always loved working with my hair…I have been blonde, brunette, red, white silver…this list goes on. When asked if I was willing to model for the salon, I jumped at the opportunity. As all of you probably know, I am not a model…yet today, I am pretending to be. 11257684_10155588128100002_340546430_n

With Americano by my side, we will be acting as Kate Moss for the day. Spending my afternoon laptop in hold, I sit down and wait for my chance in front of the camera. Let me find my inner Cara Delevigne.

With Nat in Saskatchewan reunited with her once lost love, I have really begun thinking about what it means to show affection, and to be fully immersed totally in love.

I have always loved the term ‘hopeless romantic’…the terminology just embodies the feeling of falling so deeply and incurably in love that you fall into your partner. Is this pure devotion wrong? In order to fully devote oneself to their partner, wouldn’t it be true that one would lose their free governing will?

With my 68% expertise in my university philosophy course, I am about to take my ‘expert’ (sarcasm) knowledge to educate you all on philosophy. Most philosophers would be against this immersion. Through the complete immersion into someone else, each person would lose their sense of me and become a we. Do you sense any potential problems with this?

When losing the sense of ‘me’ one can find other ways to speak without words…through the more subliminal and subtextual nuances.

As I sit in the salon chair, a couple passes by. Sharing a kiss, they continue walking down the way.
A kiss could mean many things, for a kiss can show anguish, pain and even strong passion.

This leads me to ask the question, what is in a kiss? what does this moment of true affection really mean?

A kiss can highlight a variety of meanings, it can be a hello, it can even be quick goodbye. This gesture can toy with emotions and can cause pain that is seemingly undesirable.

I must take a break from writing about kisses, some dolce & gahanna has entered the building.


And we are back, I have regained consciousness.


How can one moment of affection actually mean more than sex itself? This minuscule action can show more passion than words themselves. While words may act as weapons, lips can be laced with venom.
This venom is strong enough to make even the strongest of people incapacitated.

Is that what we are looking for? incapacitated love that takes the mind and heart through a loop.

Love is a roller coaster…it is a looping thrill ride that will take the mind on a journey.

Whatever love you find… however incapacitated you feel, make sure that it is real. While we can live in fantasy for so long, there is nothing better than making your fantasy a reality.

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