Typescript & Lindsay.

Sitting down at my typewriter, I begin to write. With every letter, the click of each key acts as a sense of tranquility. I will never have a complaint towards an apple laptop, but nothing will beat the primal and beautiful sounds of an aged typewriter.

As I spend the week engaging in a new set of classes, and a I meet with some old friends. The conversations always remain the same: Breakups, dates, new relationships, and old loves.
We are all aging and growing older, but as I look at these twenty something friends of mine, I think: Are we becoming responsible adults, or are are we becoming twenty going on twelve?

Addicted to love or addicted to the pain? are we all addicts? or are we so in search of a new high that we begin to forget about the turmoil?

We all are seeking those moments…these moments of intense pleasure that we begin to move further, thereby continuing our streak of wrong choices. Instead of looking in all of the right places, we may end up in all the wrong. Americano and I have just finished the OWN docu-series, LINDSAY. The program follows the life of Lindsay Lohan, troubled star battling her addictions all the while growing into an inspiration for us all. While many may beg to differ, Lindsay has not only overcome her addictions, but she has found serenity in her past by letting go of the negativity and the troubles she has faced.

Isn’t that all we can ask for in life? to rid ourselves of the toxins and to purge ourselves clean of all the pain and suffering in order and to find peace and serenity in what we have done?

This is a lifestyle that I like to call “Living without borders”. With no governing force, and no scapegoat to crawl towards, we find out that our possibilities are endless. There are no more closed doors in your sight, for every obstacle leads to new opportunity. Through my experiences, I have learned one thing: a closed door does not mean a barrier, for all it means is that you will have to be more creative when finding your way in.

to all my readers, I leave you with this statement: Nothing is permanet. The only thing worth worrying about in this lifetime is your own happiness and how to achieve it. Since nothing is set in stone you are free to make mistakes and to change your mind, you have options. Even though it may seem as if your choices are limited, I must reassure you that in every closed door lies an opening to a thousand more entries.

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