Balance is the key (Money is the result).

Laying in bed with my Andy on a quiet Saturday evening. For those who do not know, Andy is my dog. A  hound, husky mix who is the holder of my love. With a lost voice, and a dreadful cough, I decided to head into my homeland of Mississauga to have a weekend of relaxation.

Recently I have been helping Americano make his decision of which University program he will accept. He was having a great difficulty deciding which program to take. When weighing the options, one career will end up in a higher pay scale yet you would be working a desk job, while the other is less money but more of an active career. If it were me, I would pick the position that would end in a financial increase.

Is it odd that we are picking jobs based off of the income? Are we in search of the perfect job, or are we just looking for one good enough to fund our shoe habit?

We are sent into University as twenty something adults attempting to make our own way, and to achieve the education needed to work in a specific career path. With that said, how do we know that this is what we want to do for the rest of our life? We don’t.

Facing the facts, it is simple. We have student loans, we pay rent, and we still need funds to live. We need jobs that give us a stable salary, opposed to those who do not. In the long run, I really do not know which option seems better: Working a job that you love that does not keep you financially stable, or a job that you do not love, yet you find yourself in greater financial stability.

I honestly can not pick.

Picking a job is like dating. You are attempting to find that in between that rewards you, and provides you with joy. It is sometimes hard to find, but through careful searching, it can be found.

The one difference about comparing love towards a job, is that you can work and pay your bills while on the search for love, yet you cannot necessarily pay your bills if you do not have a job as you wait for one you love.

It is  difficult to work a non appreciated minimum wage job while searching for a career. We search, but cannot quit our minimum wage jobs, because after all…to live in the big city we need to pay rent.

We have bills to pay, and dreams to achieve. I think that should be the slogan for higher education: Achieve your dreams, but at a price.

Balance is the key. Is it balance that we are searching for, or are we just wasting our time?

Looking at Americano, I know that he will have a successful future. Looking at myself, who knows. I think I am going to stick to what I know: Do what you love, and find a way to get paid for it.

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