Riddance of the Walk-In.

Sunday afternoon. Waking up late, I sit down at the kitchen table and open my laptop. To the left of me are fresh cut daisies (My favourite flower) from the local farmers market, and to the right I have the stacks of books and plays that need to be read for class. With the scent of fresh coffee wafting through the air, I feel immediately at ease. I usually go to the local coffee shop to do my writing, but with the cold air casting icicles on my window, I think it is time to consider hibernation.

When you are in a relationship, you begin to share your life with someone. You no longer are a single romantic in the big city…you are found. Speaking to friends, many have begun considering the big decision to move in with their significant other. In a way, this concept scares me. There are pros and cons to ever situation, and I am sure there are many positives, but it is the negatives that are frightening me.

When you move in with someone, the apartment is no longer just yours…it is owned by both of you. The design choices are solely not your own, and the organization is determined by you and your partner. Does that mean you must trade in your walk in closet for a drawer?

I think the main fear is loss of space, the space provided when being alone. I am a friendly and outgoing person, but I will never turn down four hours locked in my room under the covers with a good book.

I think that the one thing that really is digging at me, is if I will be missing out on life. I mean, relationships are not about being controlled, you still have freedom, it is just a matter of time-share. We place so much emphasis on splitting our time, and stressing ourselves out over the simplistic way of being that we begin to find that we have no more freedom.

It is an irrational fear, but it is real. Im not afraid of the shared space, nor am I afraid of the close quarters. I am just afraid that I will begin to lose my independent self and become reliant on someone else.

Witt has always been an independent girl who thrives off of being alone, now she is beginning to change. She has been with her partner for almost a year now, and her sense of isolation has begun to disintegrate, for she now values being with her partner more than she does being with just herself. As amazing as this may be, I think alone time is the only way to keep sane.

I think that the reason I have also begun considering moving in, is because Americano and I are different. We have different interests and this keeps things interesting. We do not have to follow each other around like lost dogs, we are able to do our own thing, but we always know that the offer is open.

To move in with your partner is not ridding yourself of your walk in…it is just about making room for someone else who you love more than yourself.

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