Cigarette Shadows

We embrace the world with black tar lungs, and pretend we don’t know any better. If it were not for mistakes, for death, and for heartbreak, who would we be? I don’t know.

A Story in Three Parts

A human oxymoron, fighting for what I believe in through a shielded gaze and a misconstrued ideology – The epitome of a millennial lifestyle.

Lessons From The Past & Celestial Beings Pt. II

As we move out of the naivety that comes with romance, we often excuse behavior as means to compensate for something missing; both lack of experience and a deficit in understanding. It can be said that we are to live life blindly until we bank up enough experiences to actively learn.

It’s Pessimism Charlie Brown!

I shake myself out of the dream. I find myself staring blankly at the runway, watching the show as if in slow motion — A dream-like state that keeps me from actively experiencing the world around me. Hair braided back and adorned in an oversized coat, I am stuck in an REM mindset.

Singles Anonymous.

In an environment where the word love is actively incorporated into my vocabulary, I feel as if I have lost sight of what the word actually means. I ask myself, how does love develop?

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Bitter.

I’ll never learn about biochemistry, I’ll never learn why we can fall in and out of love, I’ll never learn why we fall for those we cannot be with, and I will never learn why a broken heart cannot be mended.

Cinderella and A Cocktail.

Joining the masses of faux fur and over priced clothing, I headed to David Peacut square to attend Toronto Fashion Week. Being surrounded by photographers attempting to capture candid shots of guests, it was quite impossible to not pose. While I have a firm love of fashion, I fail to see the allure of fashion…

Art of the French “Whine”.

The crisp bite of autumn causes commuters to throw on a topcoat and head out into the chilly city. I find that fall has a very distinct smell; I’m not quite sure if it is the fact that everything is dying, but the season seems to fill me with life.   The click of my…

Broken Telephones & Presumptuous Lies.

“Men have forgotten this truth:, said the fox. “But you must not forget it. You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.” — Antoine de Saint- Exupery As the tears fall down my cheek the echoes of the past whisper in my ear. Trying to wipe the falling tears from my face, I turn…

It Takes Two to Tango & A Mothers Advice.

Seated onboard a moving vessel, I listen to the sound of the train moving along the rails. Looking out onto the greenery I see the beauty in the suburban culture around me. I cannot fathom the fact that I have actually been pretty happy staying in the suburbs. Thinking back to last summer and how…

Phantom Limb & The Historic Buildings.

When I am sad or in a beat up mood, I always find myself in search of a good romantic comedy. I think it is the concept of focussing on someone else’s problems other than your own. As the sun is quickly replaced by storm clouds, the rain begins to fall down my bedroom window…