Celestial Divine Bodies & The California Sun.

Rushing to the airport at six in the morning, and check my bags and wait for boarding. The day has finally come for my long awaited trip to Los Angeles. Walking around Pearson Airport, I attempt to relax myself until My designated boarding time. Looking around the terminals, I find that there is something eerily intriguing about airports. As I watch people come and go, I note the different destinations that travellers are coming from. Airports are a place with many stokes, for every traveller comes from a different walk of life and holds such intriguing thoughts and stories.

Taylor swift playing through my earbuds, I watch the wings of the plane lift off the track and soar into the air. Feeling the rumble of the engines under my feet, I stare out the window. As we ascend into the sky, the building soon turns into miniature figurines on the skyline. In line with the clouds, we soar. FullSizeRender 31

Arriving in Los Angeles, I indulged in the typical tourist doings like the walk of fame and rodeo drive. Touring the city, I began to feel more at ease, for I have seemed to have found a place that I could call home. I don’t think I could have had a week more fun than the one that had just passed. Tours and city living, I got to experience Los Angeles first hand.


With a light between my lips, I walked down La Brea Blvd. Palm trees stand tall overhead, the curved trunks reaching upwards towards the sky. Looking up, I note the stars that dot the skyline. The minuscule celestial particles that surround us as pre-disposed pieces orbiting the realm. The California chill causes me to stop and zip up my jacket. Thousands of miles away from my civilization, I am still brought back with the burdens of Toronto. In this society we can be so far from anyone that we know, yet brought together and connected into an inter-weaving system created by the Internet and network around us.

Owen comforts me. Through kind words and sympathy, I am brought back to reality. He shows me the beauty of the world from the other side; opposite of me, we make conflicting time zones work towards our advantage.
Seated with my back pressed up against a palm tree I listen to the crickets chirp in the distance. The palm trees lineup forming a runway down this California street. The trees are almost whimsical, Californian guards patrolling the road.

“Let’s forget about being human and decide to become celestial beings, not bound to our mortal barriers. Free to move in whichever direction we want to go, and do whatever we want to undertake
You deserve that, to not be bothered by the past and to experience life in the way you want to; You deserve to be a celestial divine body.”

My heart loses its ability to beat. Swayed by such intricate words that I am hooked. _____________________________

Visiting relatives from Orange County, I start to feel like I missed Toronto. Seated in the sun wearing all black, I mourn the loss of my will to care. Happy Valentines Day I say as I take another sip of my coffee. It is quite humorous actually, the day of valentines day I begin to feel sick…my body physically rejects the very thought of this consumeristic holiday that is Valentines Day. FullSizeRender 30

As I ready myself to leave California and head back into the -30-degree monstrosity that is Canada, I play back the memories from this trip. As I walk down the streets of Calabasas, I mentally prepare myself to leave. It has been a week of new adventures, new heights, and warm weather; I am not ready to leave Los Angeles. Maybe this trip was a chance for me to run away, to avoid the issues at hand and to escape the inevitable. I saw a place that I have never been and experienced the world much different than my own, and oddly enough, I do not want to leave.

We choose places to run to, and places to call our escape; in my case it was LA.
I think that life is filled with unexpected turns, situations that you would never dream of living, but you just need to learn how to adapt and to continue on.

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