The Parisian

What would happen If I let the wind guide me and I fell deep into the waters? An elderly man was walking along the pier, gazing out into the water. Surely he would save me. I pictured the water piercing my skin, the ice cold current digging thousands of tiny blades in my body.

More Than an Ending

Closing a chapter and drawing a line through each word, we have come to the final sentence.
Drawn out and exposed, the canvas is stained with the past and discoloured with the search for a future.
I find myself staring blankly into the dark, feeling my jaw unclench and my facial muscles begin to relax.
The sound of the television buzzes in the background as the only light illuminating the darkened room is that of my laptop. The LED light casts a harsh shadow across my face.

It’s Pessimism Charlie Brown!

I shake myself out of the dream. I find myself staring blankly at the runway, watching the show as if in slow motion — A dream-like state that keeps me from actively experiencing the world around me. Hair braided back and adorned in an oversized coat, I am stuck in an REM mindset.

Singles Anonymous.

In an environment where the word love is actively incorporated into my vocabulary, I feel as if I have lost sight of what the word actually means. I ask myself, how does love develop?

What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Bitter.

I’ll never learn about biochemistry, I’ll never learn why we can fall in and out of love, I’ll never learn why we fall for those we cannot be with, and I will never learn why a broken heart cannot be mended.

Bitter Coffee & Band-Aids

This conceptualized idea of the Venn diagram can be applied to all aspects of living: Lifestyle, Career, Relationships, and even Mental correspondence. The Venn diagram is an image of the modern millennial, intertwined with the past yet desperately seeking a future.

Becoming Elle Woods.

Sitting in a room of politics and social justice students, I begin to feel like Elle Woods in a room full of Jane Goodall’s.  Stepping into a foreign building on campus, I look as if I am a first-year student lost in the masses. With the heel of my loafer clicking on the linoleum, I…

Waiting For Godot.

Everything is red, blood red. The deep hues illuminate the path guiding the way. Through the veil of anonymity, I see the world changing around me. I see the streets in a way I have never understood before. I see art in a light that had never shone on me, for It feels good to…


It hit me, and It hit me like a ton of bricks… like a steel beam to the head, like an opportune epiphany that allowed me to open my eyes and to find the inspiration I needed. It all hit me…

The Fast & The Furious (and out of gas).

Wednesday evening at 11pm, does anyone want to take a guess at what was I doing? Anyone…take a guess. Let’s think about this, was I at the grand opening of a hip new art gallery in midtown? No. Did I make an appearance at a popular club in the village? or did I drink sangria…

Wanderlusting Montreal

As we stepped off of the greyhound, we took in our surroundings… we were in Montreal. Montreal is a city within Quebec, in which was colonized by the French hundreds of years ago. Quebec is one of the only provinces in Canada in which speaks French as their first language. Being my first time going…