Facebook Friends or Faceless Avatars.

Snow falling on the cobble stone, I stand on the balcony looking out onto the city. Sipping on my morning Processed with VSCOcam with j2 presetcoffee, I think of the future. Opening the Facebook app on my phone, I take a look at my 1,500 Facebook friends. Does this mean anything to me? are these people actually friends or are they just another pixel in the hub of social media?

Stepping out of my apartment dressed in a new suit, I join the ranks of commuters and head east on the subway line.
Walking fast, the quick moving wind stings my cheeks acting as a slap across my face. With a Long trench flowing in the wind and police sirens blaring, I walk down King West.

In this day and age, is personal knowledge based solely on memory, or is there something more? Are we mis-diagnosing the world around us and living humbly un-aware to the surrounding sickness? Whether in love, life or in the medical field, it seems as if we are memorizing patterns, diagnosis’ and interpretations until we begin living out our lives as stated through only what we know. With little room left for interpretation we let google tell us where we are going, we let doctors guess what is wrong with us, and we let our 1,500 Facebook friends act as a governing force in our own personal decisions.

We live in a world where every person is a model and every street is a runway. Everyone seems so free, yet we are all governed by these small implications that prevent us from moving forward into our happiness. I won’t lie, I placed an intense focus on how many likes each of my Instagram or Facebook photos received, but in reality…who cares? It is a photo taken by an iPhone 6. This photo does not show who you are, it does not show what you have been through, all it merely shows is that you are a fan of minimalist photography and like to stand in front of white walls.

To me there just seems like too much unseen by the naked eye. So involved in our retina displays that we forget to look around and view the beauty of the world.

Wherever you are, just remind yourself that there is much more to a contrary opinion and the interpretation of others. You are human, and are fully able to not only mould your own path, and strive to achieve it.

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