The Good, The Bad, and The Slutty.

Processed with VSCOcam with j2 presetAfter a week of fashion shows and an underwhelming award show, I head back to my homeland of Narnia for an Easter weekend with the family.  Spending the evening watching Project Runway with Americano, I sit back relax and enjoy the big dinner ahead of me. 

Flakes of snow fall to the ground on this cool April night. Why it is snowing in April, beyond me. Taking a sip of my tea, we watch the designers fight for their right to create. 

As irrational as it may be, I am scared of these holiday seasons. The reason being is that when surrounded by so much food, I fear what will become of my waistline. For those who know me or have seen me in photos, I understand that I am skinny…but does being skinny mean that I cannot have issues with my body? 

“Do you feel sexy on the inside?”

Sure, pick the right Beyonce song and don the right outfit, and I will 100% be the sexiest bitch out there, but on a regular day I can feel as if I am a Michelle in a room full of Beyonce’ (Sincerest apologies for the outdated reference). 

As citizens of a modern society, does individuality fit into the socially constructed image of sexuality, or are we stuck in the land of misfits waiting to be praised? 

Stripped naked, and placed onto a platter with nothing but a crisp apple held in between our teeth. We lay upon a silver platter ready to be viewed. The city is a buffet and each of us are the dishes. On display and ready to be picked as the most attractive dish, we wait for some form of approval.

In my opinion, sexuality is not reserved for anyone but yourself. You have the power to exude whatever you desire. 

Heart beating you feel your shirt being lifted over head. With nibble fingers the clasp of your jeans come undone and your pants fall to your ankles. Heart pounding, pulse quickening, you stand there in front of your partner fully naked. There is nothing left to cover any flaws. The scar on your knee from when you were four, the hidden tattoo on your rib, everything is seen. This is a moment of pure ecstasy as you ready your body for not only pure submission into love, but the trust placed on another person to see your body and sexuality in such a new and different way.

Sexuality does not come easily for it seems that when a man exudes sexuality, he is praised for his confidence and ego, yet when a woman does the same, a double negative is often faced. Labelled as a slut or a whore, she is forced to adorn herself with this flaming label…a label of distaste in the mouth of the public.

When did confidence in ones own sexuality turn into The Good, The Bad and The Slutty? Let me put this bluntly: No one has the right to dictate your own morality. While society maintains a common set of ethics (Cheating is wrong, Do not steal, Do not kill…the basics), you are able to pave your own morality and personal governances. In retrospect, why does it matter that your views on promiscuity or sexuality are different from a neighbour? If you want to celebrate your human gift of sexuality, then no one can judge you based on their own beliefs. 

If confidence in sexuality labels us as sluts and whores, then screw it. Break the connotation and form a new sense of liberty and freedom with your sexuality! 

You cannot feel sexy on the outside until it is found internally. 

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