Fashion Week for the Fashion Weak.

18684_10155424862710002_5048160684678736933_nFashion week, a time where Toronto’ best dressed struts down King West. Taking over the entertainment district of Toronto, World Mastercard Fashion Week brings the fashion elite to the city, and style from the runway to the streets. The chilly bite of the Canadian Climate brings a light snowfall onto the carpet. Besides the fact is is bloody freezing, it seems as if no one is actually wearing a jacket. Instead of being worn, the garments are being lightly placed and draped casually over the shoulders. Fashion or frostbite?

Apart from the dozens of well and (ill) dressed individuals, fashion week marks the beginning of spring. Dressed in spring and summer’ finest, I join the ranks of the fashion disciples. 

Looking at fashion (and really life in general), what is original? Wearing a white tee and denim might be your signature look, yet this has been done before. It seems as if recycling style is the way to keep fashion alive.

Looking at Instagram and the street style from WMCFW, originality seems to become more linear as fashion adapts. Society is at this point where walking down the street is like looking in a mirror, a copy of someone else…yet it can be justified as original? 

Sitting at home watching Project Runway, I shove my mouth with some chocolate chip cookie dough. Watching the designers come and go, I realize that this is exactly how not just fashion, but life works.  We are all disposable. It is an unfortunate thought, but it is nonetheless true! If we are not adapting, then we will be lost in not just time, but in the world. Fashion leaves no room for opinion for it can be easily interpreted, it still remans black and white.

Set around a life of false originality we, as the new world, need to find a deconstructed view of distinctiveness. By deconstructing originality, we will create our own view of uniqueness. Who cares what is being worn by the dozens of others strutting down King Street? Deconstruct what is original, and find out what is  original to you.

In other words: Who cares?

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