Slave to fashion & A Servant to The Ruined.

Are we ruined? 11038114_10155397476805002_3849496766974879894_n

Tarnished from the years of hatred, war and disgrace, we continue aging in a society where beauty is seen more powerful than brains.  Are we ruined, or just plain narcissists? 

Sitting in my living room, I relay the events of last night in my mind. Staring out into the cobblestone filled Distillery, I keep quiet as Americano and my roommates sleep.

Like a puzzle, we gather pieces that seem to fit into place. Once found, we arrange ourselves into a piece of art that displays one central image. 

It was not until I began working in advertising and marketing that I realized how important it is to have your story told by first glance. One glance at a photo and you have a whole psyche in perspective. Bleach blond and spray tan? Not going to be used in an advertisement for vitamin D deficiency. 

Ruined. We no longer can just throw on a sweat suit and call it couture…that was left in the early 2000s, and such a shame that was.

On many occasions Nat and I have found ourselves incredibly disheartened when we are not comfortable in what we are wearing before we go to an event. In multiple cases, we have found ourselves not even wanting to go. 

This concept is not new…conceptualized images placed on the sexes. Gendered illusions placed on women have been going strong since the early forties. Diverging into the sixties, women were required to look a certain way before actively entering society. Is this fair? No! 

While I am a strong believer in fashion, and I actively update my wardrobe, I do hope that is not all I am seen as….just another slave to fashion and a servant to the ruined. 

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