How to Succeed in Business Without Being Sleep Deprived: A Musical.

11073945_10155376768245002_936884242_nWould it be a sin if I never sleep again? Sitting in Toronto Based Rooster’s Coffee sipping on a drip black coffee with an espresso shot, I enjoy my red eye while operating my human mechanics on an utter lack of sleep.

A local coffee shop is always the best place to organize the mind and ease the busy soul. With my mind racing to the dozens of tasks I will need to complete, I attempt to manage the 4 new jobs in which I have taken on.

When looking at life, how much is too much?

When do we know that we have taken on too heavy of a load and are rather overwhelmed? When starting out in a new business, it seems that we act as the  “yes man”, Yes sir, yes ma’am, always saying yes. 


We are a society of the “YES”. We rarely say no to keep the continuous flux of the working cycle in order. I have never been able to affectively say no. I take pride in looking at myself as a complete and utter bitch, but for some strange reason I have a large problem with telling people I am unable to complete a task that they entrusted in me. 

Business calls for a thorough internalization of tasking. You must keep your mind in working order just so you can get today’s marketing report released. 

The musical says it all, “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying”. Despite seeing the musical and knowing all the words to the soundtrack, I still have no bloody idea how to succeed without trying. I’m going to spell it out in laments terms: You cannot succeed in business without trying. This does not just apply to business, but also actively applies to every day life. You cannot succeed in anything without putting in the effort and actually getting work done! You need to take the extra mile in order to succeed.

Despite the immense urge, you will not get anywhere in your respected field by sitting at home watching reruns of friends. While this might be ideal, it will not do anything for you. 

While you might have to take on the overwhelming “Yes man” scenario, it will work out in your favour. Hard work never will go un-rewarded, and while you might be sleep and social life deprived now, success is coming and will reach you soon.

As I sip the final drip of my red eye, I flag down the barista and I order another.

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