Sweet taste of inspiration.

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 12.05.13 AMThe sweet taste of a former vice lighting through your soul. With the remnants of my past faded into the summer, there comes a time when certain flickers of life find there way back.

The bitter taste of an americano, the sweet tang of a cosmopolitan. Spending my time in from of an outdated laptop, I begin working at my new job…Public Relations representative for Mammoth Outerwear. Walking the streets attempting to find a glimmer of an idea, I walk into the palm of a former vice. Staring at the ashy blow of a cigarette lit in the mouth of a former interest. God, I hate that smell.

Catching up with someone you have not spoken to in a while seems to be very superficial. You do not go in deep asking about their psyche, you ask the usual “how is work, how have you been, how are the kids”. We cover all our bases with the “How”. The answers all remain the same, “good, fine, great”. It is not often that someone will respond with “Well, everything is in a flux. It all sucks”.

Walking away, I get back to my search of inspiration.

I have over four hundred phone numbers in my hand. So much information, yet I have no idea how to use it. That is how I feel. In a new adult world finally yet unable to fully understand its capacity.

Two bubbly lime waters and a Hendricks state of mind, I stare up into the elegant cabinetry of this french inspired abode.

Fast moving and slow thinking, I think about how to solve my communication woes. Do I let go of some other responsibilities? Or do I strap myself in and ready myself for the tidal wave?

I am busy. I am working hard, and it is stressful. Do you want to know a secret? I love it. I love having work to do, and clients to represent.

I have found my own spark in a city filled with spotlights. So this is what it tastes life…the sweet taste of finding inspiration, a muse. There is much more ahead (Radiant Wording included) you will just have to sit tight and wait to find out.

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