Check Mate.

The final drag, the last drink, the parting kiss and the final goodbye. 11016044_10155317365965002_3797273543250102705_n

These moments of closure can stay with you for years to come, yet you will never forget the adrenaline rush of what once brought you happiness. It is quite ironic how the human body is able to forget all memory of pain, yet one will never forget the sense of happiness that was once felt. Even if this happiness was derived from something unpleasant, nothing will leave a bitter taste in your mouth more than the feeling that you were once happy with something that now brings you discomfort.

When you lose someone, you can be sober for only so long…The urge grows and the feelings intensify until the desire strengthens. In these instances, We all need a mental rehab. Through this 8 week treatment, we will find ourselves one again and realize what we truly need from life.

Moving your pawn across the board, you meet the next square. Waiting to be dismissed or to move forward, you patiently wait for your turn.

Loving someone is an addiction. Love is never seen as pure and rational, for the Irrational thinking produced by love is the only thing that you can know to be true. Look back at decisions you have made in the past. Did you act out of just reasoning or where blockades preventing you from thinking straight?

As the urge numbs he nerves, halts the blood and bids the mind to escape. Loss of air, mislaying breath, your mouth waters for the taste of something unattainable. The images play through your mind like a lifelong projector, displaying your wants and needs on the frontiers of your mind. 

This is addiction.

We teach children that they need to stay away from drugs. “Do not drink”, “Don’t be tempted”, “Don’t be another victim”. We teach children to stand strong and to say no, but what do we teach them about romantic love? We act like romantic love is this marvellous force that bonds two people together, and while yes this may be true, love is also a very powerful drug. One hit and you are addicted, crawling through the trenches waiting for another fix. Should we be teaching children to be weary? To dabble quietly to prevent the risk of injury? No.

We let children age and move further down the path of life without any romantic guidance. It is a harsh reality, but not all romantic love is GOOD for us. We may fall in love with the wrong people, yet we are unable to see this. We fall along this journey of seeing what is right and what is wrong, and this can last for years. What if we could shorten this trip? Shorten the search of true love and find the secret. What is the secret? Good question.

No one knows.

I found Americano after being lost in love. Sent to this mental purgatory, I waited for some sense of grounding and Sanity…and that was found in Americano. He was (and still is) a breath of fresh air into the once blackened and ash covered lungs of a love addict.

Philosophers analyze love, but they only provide astral projections of their own viewpoints of this feeling. There is no secret on how to handle love….for you need to feel it, and not be scared of being clean. When in love you are in fear of losing this person (Who in retrospect could be completely wrong for you), yet you live in sadness waiting for your happy ending. Come clean. Wash away the sadnesses you have faced and start anew.

Who knows…maybe this whole being clean concept will work. For it wasn’t for my personal cleansing, I would have never found what I really wanted in life, and what I wanted from a person.

In life, we are all pawns in a larger game…but why be just a player? Be your own game maker, and you govern your next step. Check mate.

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