You Are What You Eat….

ob_67d294_tumblr-n0xp4tzjh51tohmdxo1-1280The summer sun has risen over the cobble stones of Toronto’ Distillery District. Sitting on my balcony I gaze down at the people donning this seasons styles that keep up with the new found warmth. I have begun looking at life differently over the past couple of days. I will not lie, I am usually not a positive person…I am your glass half empty kind of guy. With that said, I have recently found that sometimes positivity can really help (shocker).

When it comes to business and really life in general, it seems as if everything is a competition. A battle of the talents as we attempt to see who is better equipped to handle the situation at hand. From this, we begin to ask ourselves them same question: “Am I good enough?”.

No matter how hard we work, it seems as if there will always be someone who is equally matched and prepared to fight. Think of it as American Idol…most of the performers can sing, yet there will still be one person who will come out on top. Think of it like American Idol, or Tinder.

We all know the person, so confident in their abilities that they wear them as designer shoes.

“Hey Dolly, I really like your new ‘works well with others’ stilettos!, it matches your ‘exceeds at Excel’ handbag”.

There is a firm difference between owning what you know and just being a dick. Well in some respect, you are what you eat…

In retrospect, the competition is as follows: Yourself and everyone else. You have three choices within the fast food ordering system of business: Take them to to Italian, take them to Chinese or take them to the mattresses (Godfather quote attached to a food reference).

It is time to take control…a time to stand up for yourself and grab the world by its metaphorical balls. With this said, this is how I plan to live my summer. En-route to full time in the workplace, it is time to create the summer bucket….No. My summer “F*#k it list”. A consecutive list of actions that will govern my summer and hopefully will allow me to see the beauty in the world’ smaller occurrences. I aim to rid myself of…most of my negative views (I will never tire of shameless water cooler gossip), and actually see what is around me.

Fear of the future is what will hold you back. Think about it: When you are old and grey the only thing that will replace your fears is your regrets.

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