Witt on Whooing.

Attracting a potential suitor is a rather difficult feat in which many try, and fail. Within this day and age there are many resources one can turn to, considering there are many dating apps and programs that one can use.

No matter how you meet this person, you will always face that one moment of nervousness where you see them in the flesh, but are too afraid to do anything.

The question now is risen:

what do you do?

Do you play it cool? definitely not.

 Witt is currently undergoing a situation where she is attempting to woo the affection of a potential suitor. After careful observation and light tredidng, Witt was finally ready to make the first move. We are standing outside a Toronto theatre when Witt spotted her entering the premisis. Taken back by her beauty and relaxed demure, we told Witt to play it cool.  This is where things were clearly misconstrued, for instead of playing it cool Witt Yelled  “HEY!” at the top of her lungs. Stopping in her tracks, she turned to look at Witt.  With a swift turn, we all got a good look at her: Dressed in  a black beanie and a army green button up she stood less than a metre away looking pleased by this interaction. Shocked with Witt’s blutness, we began to watch the scene play out.

Now for my readers, this technique of “The Yell”  is only to be employed by the professionals…because apparently it works. Now not only did Witt catch the attention of this girl, but in the end she also received her number. Who knew that living on the edge and being so abrupt would actually get you somewhere? My technique is quite the opposite: I usually stand from afar, text them and then stare aimlessly at my phone until they reply.

It is quite humorous the different techniques people employ in order to catch the attention of a mate. Within the feline world, male cats bite the nape of the females neck until she proceeds to lift up her rear. The male then proceeds to insert his organ into the female and unleashes the genital barbs to prevent an accidental slipage. Thank goodness we do not operate like cats.

Whatever your technique may be, always be sure to make a move. I am by far the WORST at making a move, for I just get too scared. For example: Yesterday I was meeting up with someone I had not met before. I arrived early and scanned the scene for the person I was seeking. Discouraged by the fact I could not find him, I began to walk home. It was not until I was about a mile away that they texted me informing me of their arrival. Giddy and adrenaline filled, I quickly walked back to our meeting place. Seeing them from across the road, I did as any would do… I hid behind a rock. I walked back and forth a good 12 times before I called Witt to give me a little pep talk. I eventually wound up enough courage and walked up.

If it was not for me making the first move, I would have NEVER met this person, and our relationship would never have moved forward.

Honestly, you have nothing to lose. If you get rejected, GREAT! All this means is that this person was not for you, and you do not need to waste anymore time on them.

Take a chance and make the first step, for you never know where your foot may fall.

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