If I won a contest, is it still bad luck?

Good news comes in small bursts. For instance: I woke up to winning seasons 1-3 of American Horror Story on DVD. Good news most of the time is also followed by some seemingly bad news. For instance: I woke up this morning to my ceiling leaking and my floor flooded.

In a deep sleep I am awoken by the light trickle of water dropping. With the past few days being filled with rain, I could assume that it has begun pouring and I am hearing it from outside. Then remembering that my bedroom is basically a cave with no windows, I could not possibly hear the rain. Putting some pants on (yes, I sleep pants less) I walk into the living room in search of this noise. Looking at the bathroom, I see the heavy dropping of water coming from our ceiling. Knowing absolutely nothing about water or plumbing, I wake up Witt. As we both examine the scene we noticed there has been so much water that it has gone under our floorboards. cool.

I am kind of baffled by this random flooding…I do not know the people above me, but from the looks of it they have installed an indoor swimming pool. It is quite funny how instances of bad luck pop into your life when you least expect it. Last night I was on cloud 9 over the fact that I have all of my assignments done and am a free bird till reading week….now I am a free bird with a leak.

The one thing that freaks me out about this flood is that it apparently was in my fortune. Attending Nuit Blanche on Saturday, I had the opportunity of going to a coven of witches to predict my fortune. It was a 10 minute reading for free…of course I will do it. The witches told me that there was going to be a challenge faced in a new journey I am on. Seeing as how moving downtown was a big journey, maybe this flood was the challenge I was destined to face….or maybe I am just overtired and attempting to fit the fortune into my everyday life…either or.

What I have learned recently is to not let the bad luck get you down. Bad luck is a bitch and a half, but it only can affect you negatively if you let it. Americano is always telling me to think positive…from not being a positive person, I find this act rather difficult.

If you cross a black cat or have a surprise flood, do not let these small instances affect your day. A day is 24 hours long…a lot can happen.

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