You can’t kill me when I’m already dead.

I was at a standstill, unable to differentiate my happiness between dread and my feelings of euphoria for melancholy. My sense of stability had been compromised and the underlying fabric of my reality began to expose years of pulls and tears.

Aura of a Good Man

The cold had stunned me. It was the beginning of April, but the clouds held onto the winter chill. I watched the curtains dance in the wind, casting shadows around the bedroom. I lay on my back feeling the wind create goose pimples on my skin. It was six in the morning, and I was…


The Judas kiss – The touch of betrayal, the caress of a liar.

A Conclusive End

As we move through the tumultuous motions of obscurity, we brace for impact as we feel the lurch of time overpower our very will. Through careful thought and waiting, one cannot lose.

A Commuters Past

The fact was this: people don’t change, they become stealthier at hiding their true selves. A cloak of decadent and distracting colors if you will.

Anesthesia & Arbitrary Apparations

I woke to the sound of mechanical beeping. Lights flashed around me as I opened my eyes. Slowly coming into focus, I noted the beige wall and glanced upwards toward the ceiling. I was laying in a hospital bed.

New Year, Moderately Different Me.

My mind races through old photographs, desolate sunsets, Asia to Amsterdam, and bodies shaking with every touch, and kiss, a new jolt to life brought forward by a mind-altering epiphany.

Fundamentally indifferent

Who was Xavier? The ambiguity played connect the dots with the rain drops as they formed on the window pane. Through fogged covered glass and an autumn palette decorating the landscape, I stare aimlessly into the mid-afternoon sky.

Short Lessons on a Rainy Day.

Do you need support or just a shoulder to cry on?   While the two seem very similar, they are in fact very different. Support can be seen as an undistilled dose of reality. Reality thrown at you from all angles which will allow you to see through the facade. The opposite (being a shoulder…

If I won a contest, is it still bad luck?

Good news comes in small bursts. For instance: I woke up to winning seasons 1-3 of American Horror Story on DVD. Good news most of the time is also followed by some seemingly bad news. For instance: I woke up this morning to my ceiling leaking and my floor flooded. In a deep sleep I…

Tabula Rasa & Rambling.

Throughout our lives, it always seems like we are being continuously watched. We are watched by parents when we are children, we Re watched over by superiors at work, and we are continuously surveillanced as customers in a store. There is never really a time where we are fully independent. I understand the sense of…