Winner and a Douchebag.

With candlelight illuminating the night, whispers linger throughout the foreground. With the window jarred open, a chilly breeze seeps in through the window. As the air circulates around me, it makes this summertime sweater weather feel like a cool crisp autumn day.

If you came across seeing me at the moment, you will find me bundled up in the blankets, hiding from the rapidly approaching sunrise. With the big move occurring in the next couple of days, I am mentally drawing out a floor map of where I want all my furniture to be in my room, as well as silently panicking seeing as I have nothing ready. 

Pushing the anxieties aside, I yearn for a cold winter night seated by the candlelight. I long for an evening by the fire, where I am able to look out my window and see the Christmas carnival below.

Things seem to be changing once again, for in the past week, a new person has entered my life . With sincerity and honesty, I have become close with someone who is incredibly kind hearted and genuine. In all honesty, I find it rather liberating to meet someone who actually cares for other people opposed to being completely self absorbed.

Narcissistic and bubbled. As you wander the streets, you find the average Torontonian stuck in their social media circles with their cell phones raised promptly to eye level. I am not calling out these individuals for wrong doing seeing as how I am guilty of the same fault. It might sound weird, but the only time you really take in the cityscape around you is when your phone is promptly in your pocket…or if an attractive person walks by and you take a look.

As romantic beings we need to learn the concept of quitting when the time comes. This may contradict the popular belief that quitting is deemed implausible seeing how love is infinite. I hate to break it to all the starry eyed lovers, but if love was infinite in every case, then why is the divorce rate increasing every year? This does not necessarily mean that all couples won’t last, for sometimes you luck out and meet that one person whom you want by your side forevermore.

There are certain hidden milestones in a relationship that are not usually faced, yet when crossed these situations are traditionally “make it or break it” moments. Some people feel that if a certain period of time has passed in a relationship, that it would be seen worthless if they were to call it quits. Think of this analogy: Say you are at a restaurant and eat half a meal, before you realize that mice droppings had found their way into your pad thai. Before realizing the shit in your rice, you were happily enjoying this wonderful dish. Seeing the surprise, you immediately freak out and call a manager for a complaint/a resolution. Now It does not matter that you enjoyed and already consumed half of the meal (and your fair dose of droppings), for you dismiss your temporary enjoyment and seek a present resolution. The same goes for a relationship.

No matter how far you are into the relationship, you must seek a resolution once the relationships turns from good to bad. No matter if he/she was good to you at one point or another, the fact remains that people change. People can act as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, for sweetness may quickly turn into evil within a hour.

People can be genuine, and people can be fake. As the years pass, you will soon learn to differentiate between the two. Take your time with relationships, for through time it is the only way for you to really learn how to spot a winner…and a douchebag. 

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