Do my thang’

Making the morning commute to Etobicoke, I dream of nothing more than actually working a job where I do not need to take public transport for more than two hours in the morning. Every morning it is the same thing, early commuters with their ear buds in on their phones clearly sleep deprived. Welcome to the Toronto life. Ido not know what it is about the Subway, but this is the place where I begin to question humanity as a whole. 

Living on my own has its perks, but the main setback is that I always forget to eat. Of course food is important, but I just do not have the time to make food. Unless it can be made in under 15 minutes, I end up feeling bored and I lose my apatite.

With school less than three weeks away, I have begun to grow anxious on what the school year will bring me. Logically, not much can be worse than last year, so what do I have to lose?

I have been speaking a lot about Thea topic of identity. Recently it has been a subject in which I have seen affect so many people. For some odd reason, once we reach a certain age we must pick an identity and figure out exactly who we are. But why? Yes I understand how knowing exactly who you are will probably make life a little easier, but in no plausible way does it say that we need to advertise this decision with the world. If you are straight yet people think you to be gay, they will continuously begin hounding you in order to fill their own slot.

As people in this society we are all placed into different metal slots. The person on the subway begging for money, you see as a poor beggar. The man in the brightly coloured outfit? Flaming gay. We may not know anything about these complete strangers, yet we begin to make up information as a way to keep our minds void of gaps.

Morally, I hear how people are not necessarily accepting of who they are with the basis of religion looming over them. This is nothing against any religious denomination, but why are you forced to mirror the close minded views of an ancient book opposed to living your own life in modern times? We seem to pick and choose what we want to follow. For example, if you are caught lying, you are supposed to cut your hand off…clearly we do to all follow this. Now how in the world can cutting your hand off after a lie be justified as stupid and old fashioned, yet the idea of homosexuals marrying is preposterous. Like no hunty.

You cannot blame anything on being morally wrong. Of course situations like murder or harm are wrong in many forms, yet things regarding personal choice and control over oneself should be left to everyone’s own interpretation of morality. A friend of mine is very sexually expressive for she fills her days with her sugar daddy and Loubitons. Her way of living may not make any nuns happy, but I respect her amount of confidence and expressive attitude that she clearly has to embark on these hilarious adventures.

All in all, whether you like it in the bum or not, do not let anyone force you to cave into whatever category they place you in. Image is everything, and you are in full control over how you want to be perceived.


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