As my boots hit the cobble stone walk ways of the Disillery, I am dressed in full autumn attire. Currently draped in an oversized scarf and a black beanie, I enjoy this chilly summer day.  Sitting in Cafe Turbo the local gallery and cafe, I look around at the modern art listening to the sweet sounds of Parisian whispers in the foreground. 

“Best Americanos in the distillery”. They were right. I think what attracts me to this cafe to such a strong degree is that it is not only an art gallery or a cafe, it is also a full bar. Americanos made with Baileys? Yes please.

Americano. Dark, foreign and full of life. Tilting the dark liquid to my lips, I feel the need to share a story… For I have not been completley honest with you all. I have been seeing someone, and he goes by Americano. I decided not to speak of him in the early stages, for I did not want radiant wording and the pestering of nosey individuals interfering. 

As the months have passed and the seasons have changed, I feel like I am no longer in such a place of mental darkness. I am back to seeing the light of the world around me, and I honestly feel as if he was the final step to personal peace.  Without placing too much pressure on him, I feel that he enabled me to be myself once more. He pushed me passed the days of him, hamlet and siren, and simply became a  new chapter in the twisted novel of my life.

This summer was filled with many changes, and I still feel as if there are many more to come. Yet what I have learned is that by living each day to it’s full potential, you begin to see the world in a new light. I have moved out of my dark days and moved forward into something new and free.

Once was black with shades of grey, dreading to live another day, yet it seems I have found my shade of white for I have once again seen the light.

Life is fucked, and we all know it. Situations may occur that are not necessarily ideal, but it is what we make and create out of these dark situations that we develop something beautiful. I sit and dream and think of the past, and I create and tap into the pain of what once was present for it is all about turning your past sadnesses into art. In life, it is how we utilize our pain that can bring forward our own salvation. We continuously need some sort of buzz in order to turn our lives into something of substance. Some high, some serenity that provides you with just the right amount of jolt to knock your sense. You need to surround yourself with people who do you good, opposed to those who have effected you negatively. I think in life we all need to find that one person who is your own black Americano. Bitter, bold, and full of life.

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