Pizza Pockets or Kraft Dinner..that is the question.

Living on your own comes with its own perks, but there are also some minor troubles associated with this change.

The biggest peril I am currently facing is regarding cooking. I am an awful cook. I hate to cook because by the end of the tedious preparation process, I am no longer hungry. It is becoming an ongoing problem, for I am basically living off protein bars and lemon water. I live a rather busy life, so it becomes difficult to find a proper amount of time to feed my hungry body and get the proper nutrients.

I am and will be forever jealous of those individuals who are basically the Gordon Ramsay’s of the bachelor life. They are able to make almost any dish, and prepare it in such a mouthwatering delicious way. In an ideal world, I would have someone come over on a daily basis to cook me some form of food…but that is highly unlikely.

My average grocery shopping purchases include: Multiple chocolate items, an assortment of fruit, and some form of pasta. This is currently the extent of my cooking skills.

I am not completely incapable of cooking! I am able to do minor things like make stir fry, or make eggs…but it is rather unlikely that you will be finding me cooking a roast on any given day.

In order to combat this issue, I pledge to no longer eat out, I pledge to stay in my condo and practice cooking until I learn to fend for myself in the land of nutrients and carbs.

In the meantime…I’m ordering a pizza.

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