Living in a new light.

The main fear that I had about living on my own, was the struggle to be healthy.

With my mother being a health and exercise nut, I was privileged to be provided with a healthy meal on the table every night. After moving to the city, I feel as if I was neglecting my health by eating super unhealthy and just loafting around. Fortunately, I had an epiphany in which included a new lifestyle change. This change includes not only just healthy eating, but a new attitude of healthy living and working out.

Working out every day grew to be a challenge, but I think my main motivator was that I am attempting to accomplish this goal with “him”. We have worked out every day since this mission began, and I can honestly say I have never felt better. Sure, your body hurts like a bitch for the first few times, but once you get into a regimented system…you begin to feel fantastic.

I have always dealt with issues such as depression and anxiety, and with the aid of the extra endorphins pumping through my veins from exercise, my outlook on life has become a little brighter. In all honesty, we as modern youth tend to overlook our health and personal well being as we start on this journey towards finding ourselves; but it is through this neglect that we begin to battle other physical and mental issues that may arise.

Maybe it is the fact that I just cooked a super fantastic stir fry dish, or the fact that I am eating some probiotic yogurt; but for once in my life, I am beginning to feel happy with  myself.

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