Deeper into the dark.

They say that yearning makes the heart grow fonder, but is this statement true or is it just plain bullshit?

When you have strong feelings for someone and they do not reciprocate them, this does NOT make the heart grow fonder, it just makes the situation much more difficult.

I am dealing with a seemingly one sided situation, and I can honestly say that the feeling sucks. It tears at your heart strings and brings out emotions you have never contended with before, such as jealousy and anger. When you go ahead and place all your trust and feelings on someone and not have the feelings shown back onto you, it does not make you more attached to this person, it just brings out feelings of hollowness in which are indescribable.

I have seen many friends deal with similar scenarios, and to see their personalities going from an elated flight on cloud nine to a melancholy heartbreak is a difficult thing to watch.

In truth, I do not see a point in keeping feelings hidden. Why drag someone along continuously providing them hope of a future, just to tear their dreams away.

Hope is a villain. Hope can provide a sense of comfort, but can also tear you apart when it is taken away.

I have this problem where I place a heavy load of trust unto certain people, and when this sense of trust and honesty is not reciprocated, it truly breaks your heart and hurts.

I hate yearning. I hate to know that the person you have feelings for may not have the same feelings for you. I hate the continuous indecision and I hate lies.

The moral is as follows: If you find yourself in a situation where you are head over heels for someone, make sure the feelings are reciprocated. Never walk blindfolded, for walking blindfolded can lead you deeper into the dark.


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