How To Find Your Balls (Literally & Figuratively).

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past”. 10985107_10155751024165002_5924373941862352841_n

After an unncessecful day of apartment hunting with Americano, we walked back to my apartment to put on a film. Picking the adaptation of my favourite novel “The Great Gatsby”, we at down to watch the tragedy unfold. Looking at the luxuries seen in the film, I cannot help but lust for Leonardo DiCaprio, but also for these gorgeous houses!

Over the past two days, Americano and I have begun speaking to two separate landlords about a possible lease. As life (and luck) would have it, one of our potential landlords turned out to be a scam artist from Italy. Discouragement was strong.

When looking at life, how are we able to differentiate between a facade and reality?

Let’s break down the concept:

a) Both seem seemingly real.

b) Both utilize emotionality to move the process further.

C) Both operate on a grand spectrum.

Looking at the situation subjectively, it always seems as if many tell tale signs are on full display. It takes the person with a un-shadowed eye to understand the trickery and to see past the foolishness and truly understand what is going on. Does this person warn others? Probably not, but personal ethics is a discussion for another day.

With Tei Shi’ Basically playing through my ear buds, I walk down the esplanade. I think the whole point is to not be put down by the discrepancies you face. As I step into the crowded subway I face the dreaded sardine tube. The only difference between my usual subway rides and this one, is that usually the air condition is not broken broken. Perfect.

I’m sorry, but with pants as tight as mine, there is no room for sweat. Sorry, I got distracted… Back to business:

While people will always be trying to take advantage of a “weaker link” I think that it all goes back to you. You have the power to prevent being taken advantage of. Some tips? You’re in luck, I have a couple here that you can stitch into your belt for possible use:

How to avoid being conned, scammed and f$*ked over:

1. Always look at something from an outside perspective.Is this circumstance too good to be true? Well as luck will have it, it probably is.

2. Do not let the emotional history of the other person shield your view of reality. Often, emotional manipulators will use a personal sob story to make you feel inclined to do their bidding. Are you indebted to emotional baggage? No. These emotional manipulators use history as means of debt, they look at the world as they are personally owed the universe. Do not let this happen! While it may seem harmless, it still can classify as what I like to call ‘lite blackmail’.

3. Wear your balls on your sleeve.
Now I know what you all may be thinking… Not all of my readers have a pair of balls. While that may be true, this statement applies to all (sans physical balls or not). Everyone (male, female, or non-binary) have a pair of “balls”. While most men may use their balls in association with their added appendage, women seem to have the upper hand. While it may sound stereotypical, women are more inclined to understand emotion while men are more inclined to understand action. To prove this statement think of a common girl on girl fight and a male on male fight. Men will tend to resort to violence to reconcile their issues, while women may dig deeper into the emotional psyche and make cuts that slice deep (of course this view is biased to my own personal observances, objections can easily be made). For my female readers, follow your emotionality! You have the power to pick up on what is wrong, go with your intuition. For my male readers, it may benefit you to become closer in tuned with surrounding emotions… This might allow you to better understand how to move forward with action and result.

By using these tips, you can easily unblock your view and truly see a situation for what it really is…. A scam. I must relay this warning: Use these tools wisely for once used, the virginal unbiased sight cannot lie.

This subway is that part of gatsby where they are all sweating in the hotel room. I’m sweating so much I feel menopausal.

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