Memory Lapse In Unfamiliar Terrain.

Is this true? Did Shakespeare know of the falsified reality we would be living? How do we know when memories end and reality truly begins, for there are things that you cannot forget even though you wish that you could.

Dog Whistle Conversation & The Canine Theory.

Drunk on pride and half a bottle of merlot, I sit down and begin to write. During the initial stages of puppy training, teething becomes an act that needs to be nipped in the bud. In a city where men are akin to canines, how do we know the lovers from the fighters, and which ones won’t bite.

Keep it in your pants.

Nothing like a bright and humid summer day spent at the Toronto Rogers centre to make for a lovely evening. Nat and I spent the day watching my cousin play for the Toronto Argonauts. In all honesty, we both know absolutely nothing about Football. Neither of us understand the sport, or even why half naked…

They had corn. Toronto Urban Roots Festival.

TURF. Toronto Urban Roots Festival. I have spent the last two days at such an amazing festival surrounded by brilliant artists. This weekend I stepped away from my Netflix and took Radiant Wording to Fort York Historic Commons for the festival. I was lucky enough to be given media accreditation for Radiant Wording, and a…