Dog Whistle Conversation & The Canine Theory.

Battling a cold, I make the switch from my usual black coffee to herbal tea. Sipping the warm herbal brew from my new Led Zeppelin mug, I stare pensively out the window. Barren surroundings as I have begun my move. Living out of boxes, I sit down and begin to think. My thoughts are interrupted by the obscenely loud barking of my roommates horse (dog) Stella. Yelling down the hall to get her to stop, I watch her trot down the tile. Head hung low, tongue out of mouth, and shaking her wide body and tail as she walks. Looking at her, I begin to feel a sense of déjà Vu, and I cannot help but note the comparison between men and dogs. As Stella plops by my feet, I note the saliva that has begun to pool on the floor. Slobbery yet cuddly, dogs are definitely akin to man.

I drew up a chart in order to form a stronger comparison: how are men akin to dogs.

“My cynicism has finally caught up with me, ” I say as I open my laptop and scroll through my Tumblr dash.

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Patron Saint of Cats.


Hours spent lugging boxes down Jarvis, I am finally moved into my new place. Popping the cork of a dry red, I look at my downsized townhouse and take a sip.

Drunk on pride and half a bottle of merlot, I sit down and begin to write. During the initial stages of puppy training, teething becomes an act that needs to be nipped in the bud. In a city where men are akin to canines, how do we know the lovers from the fighters, and which ones won’t bite.

I think about conversations I have had with men whom I maintained a romantic relationship with. When the feelings are present yet not reciprocated, each dialogue can become a Dog Whistle Conversation. Taken from the concept of Dog Whistle politics originating in the 1990s, the term was used when describing the activity of opinion based polling. In regards to politics, the term is used to appeal to a substantial number of electors while segregating the least amount. For example, politicians might use appealing words such as ‘family’, ‘values’ or ’heritage’ in order to appeal to Christians without directly speaking to Christians. In this example, the purpose is to speak in a manner to appeal to Christians without turning off non-Christian voters. I am taking some creative liberty with this term, and utilizing it to describe key words in dialogue. When having a casual conversation, words flow freely without much thought. Take into example a conversation you might be having with a potential suitor; These budding relationship has blossomed from friendship, and one party may feel more inclined to a romantic connection than the other. Say a conversation arises about a date they went on, when listening, certain words and phrases will stick out of the conversation: “Chilled”, “Home Late”, the words ring.

In a culture of Netflix and Chill, what am I to make of the concept of “Chilling”? An internal dialogue begins as we zone out a vast majority of the conversation and jump to our own conclusions. In a society where Netflix and chill is a social normative, what happens if you just want to watch Netflix?

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New Year Transportation.

Like a dog whistle, a certain frequency can only be heard by canines, in this circumstance, key words act as a slap in the face, sticking to our skin.

Glancing up from my phone, I push my hair out of my eyes. Taking a few deep breaths, I think carefully about how to respond. How is it that in such a short time, such feelings can arise?

You used the word melancholy. I use the  word to describe how I feel when I observe.

Faced with blank pages, I feel as if I have begun shooting blanks — It is a short road down the journey of writers block. When your job is to write about relationships, it is hard to do so when you are not in a relationship.

As I lay in bed, the sounds of barking dogs fills my room causing me to put my hands over my ears. The canines find their way into my mind preventing my attempt at a stable sleep schedule. Images of Parisian nights act as jump cuts before my eyes. The barking becomes louder. I pull my pillow over my face and let out a masked scream.

When looking at men, I feel as if the term ‘good boy’ is often coincided with the term ”fuck boy”. Acting as a term of endearment, semiotically encouraging bad behavior instead of curbing it. À chaque fou plaît sa marotte — Every fool is pleased with his own folly.

To be bit or to bite, whether you choose to adopt or just to run with the animals, the only way to better emphasize my point is through a French phrase:

Qui se couche avec les chiens se lève avec des puces.

If you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.

Have a wonderful New Years!

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