Anesthesia & Arbitrary Apparations

I woke to the sound of mechanical beeping. Lights flashed around me as I opened my eyes. Slowly coming into focus, I noted the beige wall and glanced upwards toward the ceiling. I was laying in a hospital bed.

Dog Whistle Conversation & The Canine Theory.

Drunk on pride and half a bottle of merlot, I sit down and begin to write. During the initial stages of puppy training, teething becomes an act that needs to be nipped in the bud. In a city where men are akin to canines, how do we know the lovers from the fighters, and which ones won’t bite.

Disciple of the damned.

Within our lives, we are continuously basing our actions off of the opinion or guidance of others. As children we are told what to do with the hope of us all growing up to be strong and obedient citizens of society. It has been shown that with a lack of guidance in our lives, we…

Coincidental Epiphanies.

Walking home from my own little day of relaxation, I walked past the local church. Being exactly 5:00 when I walked by, I thought that I might as well walk in and stay for the mass. I am not a particularly religious person, for I am usually terrified of combusting into flames upon entry onto…