Disciple of the damned.

Within our lives, we are continuously basing our actions off of the opinion or guidance of others. As children we are told what to do with the hope of us all growing up to be strong and obedient citizens of society. It has been shown that with a lack of guidance in our lives, we often fly off of the handle. If a child was never told not to steal, he/she would have no problem with taking the candy bar off of the supermarket shelf. If a human was never told not to kill, they would have no inhibitions within regards to committing a quick slaughter. Without the guidance of some superior, we are left to our own will.

Take into account the conceptual religion. Within religion we are given rules and regulations in which we are required to follow if we want eternal salvation. These religious guidelines are what have moulded our modern laws over time, for without the judeo-christian mindset, we would have all been left to create laws for ourselves without any further judgement.

Being said, there may come a time when following the guidance of others necessarily isn’t seen as the best idea. I can bring into account the idea of peer-pressure, and how it can influence our own beliefs and sense of being. Just because someone is in a position of power, holding a clip-board, or is wearing a suit it does not mean that everything they say is considered gospel.

As we live out our lives there will be times we are told to bow down to the authority of others. What we need is the strength to say no for not all authoritative figures are always correct.

Take this situation as an example: If a scientist in a lab coat told you that the sky was actually green and that the blue was merely an illusion, would you believe them? Of course you know that the sky is blue, but because of this person in some form of scientific authority tells you differently, you would mostly likely believe them.

The whole point of this post is to simply challenge authority. Always make sure to examine your OWN true intentions before making a decision within your life. You must always be mindful if the decision you are about to make is your own, or if it is the brainwashed ideals of someone else.

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