Thick as poison.

As I lay in bed replaying the memories that haunt my mind, I am stuck within this deep agonizing pain in which I have associated with my past.

The memories that once flowed so freely through my mind have now turned into poisons. These poisons fade deeper into my mind and route themselves through each corner of every memories and pollute what once was pure.

As the thick poison overcomes by body, it feels as if this vile liquid moves slowly throughout our veins, attaching itself deep into our bodies. To rid ourselves of this negativity one must begin to examine how memories in which once brought us happiness can now turn abhorrent. These memories have sunk deep into our souls and have quickly become a part of us in which we will always carry. Deep inside we admit that we secretly love to keep these memories with us, but they provide us with such a large amount of excess baggage we must wonder if that is worth it.

Haunted by the demons in which our past has become, I find myself attempting to keep away from my past evils in an attempt to keep my sanity stable. Trying to place myself into the mindset of others, I try to think of what went wrong? Examining the situation from all possible angles I seem to be circling a room with no exit. Round and round I turn attempting to find one blemish in the system, yet the idea dawns upon me: how can I possibly see a flaw within something that was seemingly perfect to me? The whole point of life is to look at it through many views, for if we only examine our lives through one set of eyes, we end up being blind to the other angles.

Blind to the truth and blind to the present, I just want to be brought back into the sense of stability a once felt with you. There comes a time when we need to break away from the blinders placed upon our eyes. In order to successfully live a prosperous life, you must see a current situation for what it is now, not what it was before.  Maybe my constant over-examination is a result of my depression, but I just need to achieve the sense of bliss I once had. Placed onto my lids by other individuals, the time has come to life the blinds of shaded views and see the world and its people for what they truly are.

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