“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate: Rough wins do shake the darling buds of May, and summer’s lease hath all too short a date”.




It is honestly all I can say.


I did not think that I could possibly meet someone so utterly perfect in all possible forms. How can someone be so intelligent and insightful all within one five foot nine body? How this happened, I do not know. Yet am I glad it did? yes.

As I have previously stated within previous posts, it is incredibly hard to get over someone who played a large role within your life. I have written about how the first step to getting over someone is by meeting other people, for it seems to be one of the first steps to achieving a sense of closure and acceptance within a failed relationship. As I sit here and drink from my Shakespeare mug filled to the brim with chai tea, I wear a smile on my face as I reminisce on last night. Sure, the night was not exactly conventional in the least for we kept this meeting purely secretive. Meeting with someone whom I have only previously had technological interactions with is quite frightening. I think back to one of my first relationships, and how frightening it was to meet him for the very firs time after only engaging in technological communication. With my heart beating rapidly within my chest, I attempted to look at least half decent in order to make a good impression. Did I? I am not sure.

When getting over another person, the only image that consumes the mind is them. Whenever you open your eyes you are stuck with a continuous replay of happier times within that relationship, yet when you close your eyes you are left with the negatives and what went wrong. Last night, I can honestly say that not once did I find my mind wandering back to the past for all that concerned me was the present and sitting within this coffee shop discussing various books and literature with…Hamlet?

 (the name seems fitting). 

The human life is exactly like a rose, for the beautiful flower is littered with thorns along the step. In order to grasp the flower, you mus pluck the thorns off of the stem one by one till you achieve a smooth finish. This metaphor shows us how we all have thorns stuck in our sides, and it is not until we rid ourselves of the thorns that we begin to see our lives for how they really are…beautiful.

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